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    Men's Portland Antlers

    Made in the USA
    A local Oregon buck with Portland growing out of his antlers. He must be a local.

    Also available in women's.
    Made in USA
    100% cotton; Machine wash cold
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    Men's Portland Antlers

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    Men's Portland Antlers

    History / Inspiration

    Each species has its own characteristic antler structure, for example Oregon white-tailed deer antlers include a series of tines sprouting upward from a forward-curving main beam. Antlers grow as highly vascular spongy tissue covered in a skin called velvet. Before the beginning of a species' mating season, the antlers calcify under the velvet and become hard bone. The velvet is then rubbed off leaving dead bone which forms the hard antlers. During the mating season, bucks use their antlers to fight one another for the opportunity to attract mates in a given herd. The two bucks circle each other, bend back their legs, lower their heads, and charge. After the mating season, the pedicle and the antler base are separated by a layer of softer tissue, and the antler falls off.


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    About the designer

    Men's Portland Antlers
    Justin Morrison is a crazy bearded guy who lives in Oregon. His designs, musings, and illustrations have been entertaining young and old alike for sometime. He also designed the Oregon Wave Logger for there there. Find and him at


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